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A Canadian Spin on a EURO/JAPANESE Classic!

In March 2002, we at Crêpeworks launched our first location at West Edmonton Mall, Phase One. After exceptional responses and customer loyalty, management opened a second location in West Edmonton Mall – Phase Three food court in July 2005 and Market Mall in Calgary in July of 2008.


Crêpeworks franchise site criteria consist of an area of 250 to 500 square feet within the food court of a prominent commercial building, shopping center or strip mall locations, thereby being readily accessible to many thousand pedestrians daily.​

Popularized by the French


Traditionally, the French crêpe consists of a thin, delicate wrapping with a variety of fillings and sauces. The fillings readily soaked through the crêpe wrapping itself, becoming soggy. Although delicious, it could be quite messy and confined to be served on a plate and eaten with cutlery. It is usually considered to be a gourmet dish, served in a restaurant-style setting.

Traditional French crêpes remain relatively expensive, due to the fact that any delay from the time of preparation to service, the crêpe would become soggy. This facilitated the need for expert chefs and excellent table service, available in only the more upscale restaurants.

These traditional restaurant moulds and crêpe confinements were unbreakable… until now. Fresh, fun, exciting, mesmerizing and delicious! We call it the Crêpeworks Experience

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