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we wanted the best local coffee roaster

In March 2002, we at Crêpeworks launched our first location at West Edmonton Mall, Phase One. After exceptional responses and customer loyalty, management opened a second location in West Edmonton Mall – Phase Three food court in July 2005 and Market Mall in Calgary in July of 2008.

We only roast the highest quality beans to create for you a perfect, full-bodied cup of coffee. Our coffee beans are sourced from small scale farms which helps support the farmers and their workers.

Caffè Monte is our specialty Coffee Roaster

Caffè Monte always roasts in small 25kg batches, this allows unparalleled attention to the details of your order and amazing quality control. This small volume creates an opportunity to meticulously monitor coffee selection and roasting. Prior to roasting we comb each batch to ensure that any defect beans are removed; ensuring clean, discernible flavours in your cup. 


specially brewed at


Our craft coffee is sourced from farms and plantations around the world, Creating the perfect blend is our art.

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