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How It all Began...

The Manley family has been producing the highest quality donuts since 1977. The founders of one of Canada's largest specialty donut bakeries that ship their product coast to coast across Canada.

In 2019, the Manley family started a business relationship with Crepeworks to introduce their signature donuts into a retail setting, creating Donutworks. 

What Makes Us Different

DonutWorks uses a traditional process that has been handed down by generations of expert bakers. Each donut is proofed to ensure it has the perfect shape and size after being sheeted. At this point, the fermentation process starts as the dough naturally rises. After rising the donuts are proofed again one sheet at a time to ensure proper and complete development of the dough.


This classic technique is the key to achieving our heavenly fluffy texture we have become known for. After they have reached their maximum rising they are placed in our state of the art automatic fryers for a quick bath and cooked to their ideal golden perfection without being oversaturated creating a much lighter and less dense, delightful donut. 

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